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More than 250 volunteers reflect on their task during the IX Meeting of Voluntarism in the oncology area of the FECEC
The 9th edition of the Meeting of Voluntarism in the oncology area, that the Catalan Federation of Entities against Cancer (FECEC) organizes each year, has presented the experiences and reflections of an experienced group of witnesses and experts, in front of the presence of more than 250 volunteers from all over Catalonia. One of the main objectives of this edition has been the analysis of the different roles and types of voluntarism that can be done in the oncology area, ranging from attention in hospitals to fundraising and, in some cases, juridical assessment offered by a few volunteers, which all facilitate and maintain the activity of the entities that fight against cancer.

In this spirit, the president of the Committee of Ethics of the Social Services of Catalonia and professor at the University of Barcelona, Begoña Román, during her conference has exposed that the richness of voluntarism does not only come from respect, compassion and responsibility of those who attend the patient, but also from the collaboration, the flexibility and adaptability to the new social necessities such as the creativity to stay organized and do work in a network.

The round table discussions celebrated during the Meeting have led to very emotional testimonies regarding the experiences of the volunteers in accompanying patients such that, during the closing ceremony, emotions ran free with the special intervention of the Coral Noves Veus (Choir of New Voices) of the Centre for Rehabilitation of Laryngectomized people of Terrassa (CRL).

The Meeting of Voluntarism in the oncology area, that has been celebrated the 8th of June, has as objective to promote recognition and sense of unity between the more than 4.500 volunteers that work in this area in Catalonia and thanks to whom the improvement in quality of life of people with cancer and their families is accomplished.
World Cancer Day 2013 focuses on dispelling the myths about the disease
On February 4 celebrate as every year, the World Cancer Day, organized by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) in order to increase knowledge about the disease, especially with regard to prevention. This year, the information campaign will focus the activities related to Objective 5 of the World Cancer Declaration, with regard to dispel harmful myths and misconceptions that exist around the disease.

Furthermore, under the slogan "Cancer - Did you know?" Conscience is specifically on four of the most widespread myths:

Myth 1: Cancer is a health problem.
Truth: Cancer is not just a health issue. It has important social, economic progress and human rights.

Myth 2: Cancer is a disease of the rich and elderly.
Truth: Cancer does not discriminate. It is a global epidemic that affects all ages, with a large involvement in developing countries.

Myth 3: Cancer is a death sentence.
Truth: Many cancers once considered a death sentence can now be cured and many more people today, their cancer can be treated effectively.

Myth 4: Cancer is my destiny.
Truth: With the right strategies, more than one in three cancers are preventable.

We will be located in the lobby of the Hospital del Mar with an information campaign on how to prevent cancer.

The World Cancer Declaration was developed and approved by the UICC World Cancer Summit in 2008, it consists of eleven goals in order to meet 2020 and aims to be a tool to assist advocates in the fight cancer to the attention of health policymakers at national, regional and global levels. You can access the document by clicking on the link.

In order to sign the declaration, you may access on the website by clicking the image.

Flashmob to open the European Weak against Cancer
The last May 26 was the Dance Flashmob against cancer in Roses, Torello and Vic with an attendance of over 500 people: 

  Click here to see the Flashmobe at Roses

This event is sponsored by the European Cancer Leagues, who organizes the Flashmob in the main European cities to open the European Weak against Cancer 2012. The peculiarity of this activity is to be held the same choreography in all cities at once: Paris, Rome, Ankara, Barcelona and London. On May 31 marked the World Day Against Tobacco, to coincide with the European Week Against Cancer.

                         Click here to see Flashmob at Rome

On May 25 was held a conference abouth "Healthy Lefestyles" to the European Parliament in Brussels. On the other hand, the European Cancer Leagues has produced a poster made for children to commemorate the European Week Against Cancer 2012.

  Photo of Santa Eugenia of Berga Flashmob

                To see the
 Video of Flashmob at Torelló